Dissertation Milestone and my Pet of the Day

Well today has been dedicated to a massive literature review, I’ve read so much today my brain is just spinning now so I am going keep tonights entry short and sweet.

The first of my ebay auctions (click here to view them) didn’t sell so kinda disappointed I wasted my time adding these. However I’ve been asked to put a few aside by a friend so its not all bad. Still debating on whether I should try listing my trainset or not along with things like my video camera.

I’ve been getting a lot of support from readers of my diary with my give a pound appeal being very popular and hopefully starting to take off. This is along with the readers of my blog increasing which is awesome and I am glad so many people are enjoying it!

Lily the West by Karen West (OWesticle1) - First ever Pet of the Day
Lily the Westie is my first ever Pet of the Day thanks to Karen West (@Westicle1)! Lily suffers from Scirrhous carcinoma however is a fighter exceeding her 3-6month expectancy.

I want a pet, and have wanted the pet the entire duration of my course so far. I’ve always planned to move abroad for vet school and I believe that its important to give a pet a stable home. One of the first things I plan to do on graduation as a vet is to visit a local shelter and adopt a dog… I enjoy it when people tweet pictures of their pets at me so have decided to make it official with my Pet of the Day. I’ll random select  a picture that has been tweeted at me to be featured in my blog post that day! My twitter is @vetschooldiary if you’ve not found it already 🙂

A big shout out to Lily as my first ever Pet of the Day!

And with that I am back to my dissertation.

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