Wallaby escape in Gloucestershire, and more dissertation

26-7-12 Suzy Mitchell @suzyseraphina Honey 3 legged cancer survivor
Honey is today’s pet of the day thanks to Suzy Mitchell (@suzyseraphina)! Love is… a walk,run & play in the park with a 3 legged cancer survivor called Honey!

Well today has been filled with more dissertation, my literature is nearly finished and I will be launching my survey tommorow. My dissertation is on the Public Perception and Recognition of Animal Pain within Companion Animals. Bit of a mouthful but tottally fascinating stuff and I really can’t wait to share some of it once its finally submitted.

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Wallaby escapes gloucestershire hartpury college student ball
Gloucester Citizen Frontpage, Thursday July 26th 2012.

Anyways Australians have been laughing recently at reports of a Wallaby (a smaller member of the kangaroo family) being sighted in Gloucestershire. Well today I happened to glance at the local paper when I was getting more coffee for my dissertation marathon (yes its on the right – click it for a larger version), and it seems that its true. My previous/current college is building up a private zoo, and brought in 3 wallabies for the animal and land students on the 1st of June. The yearly summer ball took place on the 4th of June (I didn’t go as my pennies were better spent going to BSAVA World Congress back in April), and it seems some students may have left the door of the enclosure open to set them free. Staff managed to round up the two females, however the male got away.

Whilst not a danger to the public, if approached the escaped wallaby will just run away. The best thing to do if you sight the escaped wallaby is to call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999 (is it bad I’ve got that number memorised?).

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