Dissertation Milestone 4, and population sampling

Well, I’ve been getting some good responses to my survey, if you have not taken it yet please do spend 10 minutes to do so here: http://www.sogosurvey.com/k/SsRRVWsRsPsPsP and share it with as many as you can. Every single response helps and I hoping to get a significant number of responses to allow this to improve animal welfare.

I will be making the results available here when I can as it is part of my dissertation so I have to make sure its all submitted first. However so far there have been some very interesting trends, and I’ve had some interesting feedback. When designing any survey it is very important that a population is defined, and that you can account for the variences in that population so that is fairly and accurately represented.

This is also a major headache, so tommorow I am planning on heading out to target the members of the population that my online survey has failed to reach. Anyways tonight I am trying to get more of it written up so it makes sense, tommorows diary will be more interesting!

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