Why Sponsor a Day? Investing in the future makes good business sense

Vet School is one of the hardest courses to get into, and when done through the postgrad route one of the most expensive. At the end of the 7-8 years study, it is also one of the worst for earning, after graduating vets start between £21,800 – £33,500. This rises to between £44,000 – £53,000 for senior vets (http://www.prospects.ac.uk/veterinary_surgeon_salary.htm). In comparison a dentist earns between £50,000-£110,000. GP’s earn between £53,800-£81,000. Adult Nurses in the NHS start on £21,176 with the possibility to rise to £97,478.

I’ve already written about what I think a vet really is, an animal lover, a people person, an educator, an advocate, a problem solver, a conservationalist, and a learner. My problem at the moment is raising my tuitition, to qualify as a vet I need to raise £10,000 a year for the next four years, or £40,000 total. I don’t like taking anything for nothing, so I’ve started the Vet School Diary, in addition to raising money it also allows me to educate and give people an inside view of what vets really do.

The £40,000 covers my tuition, accomodation and basic food for the entire four years and works out at just £27.40 a day (£40000/(365*4)). For me to attract a sponsor for everyday is unrealistic, so I decided that I would aim for 200 sponsors a year and ask for a £50 donation to my vet school fund.Here are some of the reasons why I believe sponsoring a day in my diary is outstanding value:

  • You get meantioned clearly in the days diary post (currently avg 1000 visitors a day), on my twitter (32,000+ followers) across facebook (500+fans), linkedin, google+, tumbl and my social network. See my first sponsored post here: http://www.vetschooldiary.com/2012/07/28/uk-hedgehog-conservation-and-encouraging-wildlife-to-your-garden/
  • Word of mouth is great marketing, my network is extensive and I talk to a lot of people. If I see a benefit to you I will  connect you with other people.
  • I will be working for at least 40 years, for just £1.25 a year you will be investing in animal welfare, conservation and the environment.
  • Show the government that Postgraduate Education is worth investing in.
  • You will get a copy of the Highs & Lows of Vet School special edition diary summary when I graduate.
  • You also get to use these Official Sponsor badges:

I am also planning to run a press release campaign, and flyer campaign once I complete my dissertation starting the 7th August. Dates are available on a first come first served basis, or alternatively you can select a specific day in the past with no sponsor yet.

If you would like to discuss details before sponsoring a day please contact me.

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