The satisfaction and the pain of being a vet student

An exhausted vet student

Since last Wednesday I have barely slept, have been in surgery long past midnight on several nights, and have had the pleasure on one day of seeing the sun rise as I stumbled home to take a shower before heading back in to more surgery.

It’s been a sleep deprived rollercoaster of emotion, I’ve seen some things I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy, yet have seen patients recover right from the edge of deaths door. Through a lot of the surgeries during this period I have taken the role of anaesthesiologist. When I first started in clinics one of the equine surgeons told me that I should learn anaesthesia, as without anaesthesia there cannot be surgery. This is something that I listened to and have become reasonable at, I’m capable of selecting and calculating drugs to put an animal asleep, keeping them asleep through the surgery and then waking them at the end. It’s been a very steep learning curve, however now I am looking at anaesthesia in different circumstances which is getting more interesting. However my goal is to become a great surgeon, anaesthesia has given me a way to find my way into really cool surgery which is pretty cool though.

Anyways the past 5 days have been very educational, yet have for me have pushed me to my limits both mentally and physically. One minute I was doing CPR on one dog, the next I was doing anaesthesia for emergency surgery on the next. After just getting home after food I was called back in at 11pm to run anaesthesia for an emergency surgery and arrived at the same time as another patient that had just been hit by a car that just randomly showed up.

Coffee has become my best friend, my feet and legs ache, my hands feel like lead but I still performed to the best of my ability. I like to be pushed, emergencies tend not to be a normal thing here, and I do not know why all of a sudden it went so crazy however it was an amazing experience and one that I wished repeated on a weekly basis.

From one very tired vet student, goodnight.

This vet student’s wild dream….

Starting my journey to Barcelona

Whilst TV can numb the mind, sometimes it inspires dreams, and for me it planted the seed that I did not want to work with just cats and dogs. I want the great variety that being a vet offers me, from the very small frogs to the very big elephants. What a dream that is ay?

Well something I truly believe is that if you really want something you can make it happen, so now with 2 years study left I am looking to kick start my dream. I am heading to Barcelona (I’ve never been to Spain before), to attend the European Association of Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians conference. Hopefully I will leave this conference with the lessons of the people that have done it already to help me avoid making the same mistakes. There is a strict social media ban on the content of the conference, however it includes the latest techniques and knowledge in this unique area of veterinary medicine. I am especially looking forward to the surgery sessions as this is where my great passion really is.

So is it worth going? I believe so as it is a small community, and getting to meet people will help me. However I am doing it for the least cost possible… Tonight I will be spending the night in Budapest airport to save on costs as my flight is early in the morning with the only train connection the one I am on as I write this. This saves me maybe 50 euros so yay… Then on the way back I am making the same connection by train which gives me a 6 hour wait in Budapest for the train connection…. Then public transport in Barcelona to the apartments (even though I have no clue where I am going) will help me keep costs lower… Still it is an expensive conference (the most expensive I have ever been) however I hope that it is an investment in my future and a few long journeys are a very small in relation….

Now I still have another couple of hours to spend on this train, and there are no power sockets so I am going leave today’s diary entry here. I will update you all as I get time!