Eickemeyer, the way that (vet) festivals should be… – Vet Festival 2017

On Friday night at Vet Festival 2017 the name shouted out by the DJ was that of an exhibitor, and they were not being paid to do this. For you see when I arrived to Vet Festival on Friday morning I was simply walking in looking for my first lecture when Christoph shouted my name and offered me a beer and pretzel.

I am hardly one to turn down beer even this early in the morning, the fact it is coming from one my favourite companies (Eickemeyer actually sent me a birthday present one year!!!), and is accompanied with a smile is winning combination. I was not sure I believed it at first as I was at a veterinary conference however it is Vet Festival.

You see Vet Festival is something different, you put lectures and an exhibition in tents in a field, yet it seems that people like me forget all about the second word. I know that in Germany the minute festival is mentioned it is Oktoberfest that springs to people’s mind – I actually managed to get an evening at Volksfest whilst there learning some dolphin medicine.

This word however was at the front of Christoph’s mind when he decided that it was going be about the festival. And so Eickemeyer arrived with 300 litres of German beer – HIRSCH HEFE WEISSE which had won gold at the European Beer Star Competition (also I heard rumours it was from Christoph’s home town) – and boxes of pretzels. It wouldn’t be a festival without the proper dress and hats were included as well.

The only thing lacking was anything related to the word vet until Friday morning when the beer started to flow. I’ve never seen such a stand so busy all day before, not only that but the queue gave the amazing opportunity to network and make new friends as well. If you asked anyone about their best exhibitor from Vet Festival 2017 it would be Eickemeyer – the company that didn’t bring a single thing to try to sell you.

Amazingly the concert on Friday eve though shorter was one of my best, it usually takes a lot for me to relax and stop thinking properly. I made many new friends, caught up with old friends, and danced as long as the music played.

I saw Christoph as he was driving away from vet festival on the Friday night, all packed up to go home as there was nothing left for the Saturday. Definitely one of the best marketing ideas I have ever seen in veterinary medicine, from one of the best companies I have met.

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  1. Hello Chris,

    Thank you for this amazing blog post, just love it! It is not just a rumour, it is true. The beer is from Christophs home town 🙂

    It is so nice to read that you had an amazing time and liked beer and pretzels!

    Cheers, Diana

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