Funding Vet School…

My biggest detterant to Vet School is the cost. The only viable entry route was as a postgrad after completing a Bachelors degree. Within the UK there is no government funding or loan systems for postgrad degree’s so I am having to find the money to pay for this myself.

If I stayed in the UK the least it would cost me is around £70,000 at the RVC, and at other universities I would be looking at closer to £150,000. I have decided to go to Vet School in Slovakia which will cost me £40,000. It is still a lot of money, however it makes my dream a possiblity as it is £10,000 a year or £833.34 a month that I need to raise.

I have no parental support so for the past four years of my undergrad degree I relied on Student Loans, and a part time job lifeguarding. I have managed to save some money from working and I am planning to work during holidays where possible. However even with this I am still short and need to find the money for fund my degree.

Generally it breaks down as 7,500 euros for tuition, 1440 euros for accomodation and the rest for food and living costs. I am looking for help to cover these, and if you can take a moment to donate please use the button on the right to do so.

Now thats out of the way, how do I plan on raising this money in the time I have? There are several methods I am using, I know that if I get enougn people talking about it on places like twitter and facebook then it’ll be easy.

I’ve also started a “sponsor a day” scheme, where people can pick a date from my diary and sponsor it in return for a larger donation. I will be adding a line at the top saying Sponsored by etc and a paragraph about them with any links to their websites/twitter at the bottom.

I’ve created pages on two fundraising sites so far, and plan to try and use the internet to reach out to as many people as I can. I’ve also started to try and get in touch with everyone I have worked with these past 4 years on various projects. I’ve even gone as far as creating a linkedin account here:

I’ve spent a good part of the day compiling a list of trusts and people that I will be writting to asking for sponsorship.

I will also be adding documents to this website soon with a personal reference from my last tutor, and also my offer letter from the UVM to help those worried that I am a fraud.

Once I get a few more posts I am going also start trying to get myself some media coverage as well, not just for myself but the cause of postgraduate funding as a whole as it is something that currently just doesn’t work.

Now I really must sleep! Night all…

A long day…

Today has been very long, I’ve started looking into ways to raise money online and created profiles on two different sites here:


It’s going be interesting to see if either of these actually works. I’ve also been looking at how I can include video on this blog so hopefully will start bringing you some of my videos including my Aligator Training one!

I’m also looking for easier ways to sell some of my stuff… Think I will be looking at the Facebook local for sale groups as listing on Ebay just takes so much time! I am off to sleep now though as I want to get solidly into my new routine!

Night All, Chris

Harder than it looks…

Today has flown by and I’ve tried to get a lot done, though only managed half of my list. I guess the highlight of today would have been having lunch to catch up with my friend Ashliegh… And then getting some homemade rocky road cake (definately is a case of the best way to get a mans attention being through his stomach).

I’m heading down to London on the 15th, then heading up towards Cambridge for a couple of days, before heading back through London back here to catch up with people before I go.

I actually sat down with the UWE Degree Calculator today, and worked out that if I get 60% in my dissertation I will graduate with a 2:1, or if by some feat I get 90% I will graduate with a 1st. I’m gunning for that 90% now as I like my odds!

I know I need to raise the money, I have some ideas the first of which is to sell everything I own, come September I want to literally own a single rucksack with clothes, books and my laptop. It is amazing how much one can accumulate, and how little most of it actually means. Today I started getting my DVD collection onto Ebay, I kinda hate having to do it like this (ebay/paypal charge a bomb) however its around the easiest way I can see. It’s just going take a little while to get it all on there! Check out my first listing here:

In the meantime I’ve been doing some work on this website, trying to make it more attractive and fun to be on. I’ve used a ton of books during my BioVeterinary Science degree so am thinking I should also add some book reviews onto here too. What do you all think?

I’ve also taken 15 minutes today to plan out a daily routine for the next 70 days to get some exercise, revision and studying in with everything else I am doing! Anyways I am going add some more stuff to Ebay then grab some sleep! Until tommorow people…

Dear New Diary…

For the next few years this will be my little space on the interwebs, I’m Chris Allen, 25 years old and I’ve come to the end of the first stage of my journey to become a Veterinary Surgeon. The next stage is starting, I’ve been offered a place at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Kosice, Slovakia for the September 2012 intake. A little over 60 days away…

Before I do that i need to finish up and submit my dissertation in 44 days time, sort out everything about leaving the UK, and off course find the £40,000 (around £10,000 a year) I need to pay for vet school. Its probably a good thing that I love a challenge, and after working so hard to make my dream come true I am not going let it get in the way.

I should probably tell you a little about my dream of becoming a vet. I appreciate the innocence of (untrained)animals, and believe animals are something we need to protect. When we domesticate animals we are taking on a duty of care to give them the best lifes possible, and this is where I believe vets come in. It was the prospect of a career where I am continually learning, making a difference and being challenged each day with different things. The prospect of being able to see a different species every day for the rest of my life and still only scratching the surface.

Over the past few years my understanding has become deeper and I’ve come to realise that a vet isn’t just a animal doctor, but an advocate for those with no voice of their own. A vet is an educator of owners and the public, someone that isn’t just working with animals but with people too. More recently however with climate change and conservation being major issues I’ve come to realise that this is somewhere Vet’s need to be too. Sure a vet treats animals, however the background of knowledge that a Vet has to be able to do this places them in a unique position.

Conservation medicine is a developing field, it is one that I am pretty passionate about, after all humans should be living in harmony with nature. In fact this is something that I believe needs to happen as nature is never going fix itself whilst it has outside influences working on it.

My dream will come true, I do need your help though to get there… Unlike many charities where you never see the result of where your money is going I am writting this diary. You can check back at anytime to read about what i’ve been doing, and see photo’s and videos when I can. Even if it’s only a pound it’ll help and the easiest way is to click the donate button on the right of the page! If you can’t help financially, considering using the buttons under this to share this diary with your friends, especially if they like animals too!